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    Where do I find help on Solidworks Electrical?

    Frank Powell

      Don't know what else to add... None of the groups that I see would include SW Electrical

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          Ashley Cheney


          If you are looking to find help from the SOLIDWORKS forums for SOLIDWORKS Electrical, then you can find that category as Mike suggested in his response (Electrical ).


          However there are a few resources available in the software. If you go to the HELP tab you will find the built in Help that describes some of the features etc... Some brief Tutorials that you can go through, and then the "Documentation" button should link you to a folder that has a "Getting Started" file. If those resources do not answer your question, I would recommend either contacting your VAR, posting a question on the forums, or searching Google - there are numerous blogs and videos that have been created by the VARs and other users that can provide help with SOLIDWORKS Electrical questions.