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Deleted Components show in Bill of Materials

Question asked by Frank Powell on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by Ashley Cheney

Solidworks Electrical 2014.0.4 Build 19


I have created a schematic and have added multiple components with catalog listings. I have inserted the Bill of Materials and have modified it to include my company's part number.


As I reviewed the BoM, I noticed two PLC components that have more quantity than is shown on the drawing. I even deleted one of these PLC modules completely, closed Solidworks Electrical, reopened it, and updated the BoM and the deleted part still shows in multiple quantities that don't exist on a drawing.


When I use the Search Manager, the components are found with no reference to a drawing or anything I can click on to find the component in the file.



How can I get rid of these ghost components so my BoM is accurate?