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    GPU utilization

    Matt Taylor

      Hi all,


      I currently have an SPR with SolidWorks (533330) to try to get them to utilize the GPU during the flowsym process.

      The GPU (I feel) would be better/quicker at crunching the numbers involved in this process  (due to the way it's constructed)


      I was just wondering if anyone else thought this was a good idea, and if so please add your request to SPR533330


      I have looked through the forums for this type of idea, but didn't find anything. (my apologies if it has already been raised).

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          Amit Katz

          I am woefully undereducated in the science of parallel processing, but I feel you may be onto something. Our companies spend so much money on these fancy Quadro GPUs, it's a shame the software doesn't take advantage of the CUDA platform.

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            Janko Stellaard

            I can't imagine that it will not be implemented soon. SPR 533330 has the 'enhancement status' set to 'yes'.


            And also:



            Does SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2014 take advantage of GPU?


            No, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2014  does not support GPU. Our product development team is reviewing the enhancement requests asked by our customer. SolidWorks may support GPU in the later version.