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    second session launching

    Rick Spork

      Why is second session of SolidWorks launching every time I click on a different file in Windows Explorer?

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          michael Monds

          We also have some users with this issue.

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            Francesco Oorthuizen

            Hello Rick,


            Hear are my 2 most common solutions for this problem. Some I don't advise you to yourself if you don't have the experience in windows.

            In that case I would recommend your Reseller or ict to perform the solutions


            solution 1:

            restore your file association of the .sldprt, sldasm, slddrw to the Solidworks launcher





            Second Solution

            Reset the following registry key to blank ( I recommend you ask your ict or reseller to do this( it can cause damage to your system if not done properly)





            I hope this helps


            with kind regards