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cannot convert surface to sheet metal while keeping depth

Question asked by Robert Brookover on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Jeff Parker

My main issue is that I have a sheet metal part I need to design, which needs to mount on each end as shown in the attachment, and then bend upward and over while still maintaining the desired depth (in this case, 5").  I tried doing this by sketching a 3D sketch, and then extruding a surface, then converting that to sheet metal.  However, when I extrude the surface, it makes "vertical" bends, which make the middle part less than 5".  I need to somehow make "angled" bends, such that I can keep 5" depth all across the surface.


I don't know if the way I'm trying to do it now (sketching a 3D sketch & then extruding a surface, then converting that to sheet metal) is the way to go, or if I need to somehow start off w/ a sheet metal part, then somehow change the "angle" of the bends (from being vertical to whatever the angle is that's needed to keep the 5" depth), or if there is some other way to go about this that I'm not aware of.  I would think we could ensure the "depth" of extrusion across the path?


I'm not sure if this is a surfacing question, or a sheet metal question, or both, so please forgive if I didn't place this in the proper sub-category.


I'm running Solidworks 2015, x64, SP 4.0.


Thanks in advance,



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