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Ideas to reproduce this cut?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Aug 17, 2015
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     I have this part before this cut is put into it, & I need to do the cut. It seems like a simple little cut, but then upon further investigation it's kind of

complicated. I'm wondering if there's any suggestions of how to go about this. I already have the round part. I thought about doing a loft cut, trying

with a 3/D sketch in the back, &  bringing it out to another profile sketch further front. The sketch in the back is fairly straight forward but there doesn't seem to be much concrete up front for a second sketch for a loft. Then I have to further doctor it up for whatever is going on at the upmost front area including the fillet that seems to go forward & sweep back.

     Any ideas from those that might do something like this on a regular basis as I wack away at it?


Thanks, in advance;

Rob_D SW 2014_sp4