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Remove Suppression override in Modify Configurations

Question asked by Ethan Kinney on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Ethan Kinney

So I have a part with 9 derived configurations:

Config A

- Config B

- - Config C

- - - Config D



In each sub-configuration, a few more features are suppressed. So the top level configuration would be the finished product, and on the other extreme would be the stock used for the part. Long story as to why its done this way, but it has to be this way.


What I'm having an issue with is the Modify Configurations dialog. I have a feature called "LUBEID" that is suppressed in only the "STOCK" configuration. What I need is that when I suppress it in the top level configuration, it will suppress it in each child configuration. Usually it does this quite well, however some how I messed it up so that in the "SEAL" configuration, it will remain unsuppressed regardless of the parent configuration. Is there a way to remove this override?


Please see the attached image to show what I'm seeing. I want the yellow highlight in the "SEAL" configuration to go away.