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Part number variable matched to file name

Question asked by Wayne Easton on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Craig Schultz

We are about to go live with our EPDM implementation and I think I may need to change something. Currently we have a Part number variable which is populated using a serial number. The file name is matched to the part number.


I would like to change this around and rather use a serial number to control the file name and then populate the part number field with the file name (excluding the extension.) I can not figure out how to get the part number field to look at the file name for its value.


Should I leave it as it is or would the idea of driving from file name be better practice?


What worries me is that I noticed that I can edit the part number field in the data card after the file as been created which means I can end up with duplicate part numbers if a user manually edits the value in the part number field. I can not get duplicate file names as the "Do not allow duplicate file names" setting has been turned on.