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Win8 to Win10 to Win8 SW wPDM Add-ins checkbox problem

Question asked by Ben Fulton on Aug 16, 2015
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We have Solidworks 2014 and Workgroup PDM 2014 and this was installed on my system with Windows 8.1, then we upgraded to Windows 10, and I found out the hard way that Win10 is not supported yet for wPDM (the addins check box in Solidworks Explorer threw up an error "Failed validating license") so we rolled the upgrade back.


So we have rolled back to Windows 8.1 and we are still getting the same error "Failed validating license" when we go to check the add-ins box again in SW Explorer.


See attachemnts - this is a screen shot from Solidworks Explorer.


The weird part is that Solidworks Workgroup PDM is still working within Solidworks and the checkboxes for addin's in Solidworks for SW wPDM are all checked, of course.


Any help?