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Messed up Toolbox continues to create configuration-specific custom properties

Question asked by Michael Wade on Aug 16, 2015

[I need to preface this discussion with the following: I didn't set up this Toolbox—I inherited it when I started at a new company.  The persons who set it up and screwed it up are long gone.  Given the choice, I would never use the Toolbox but unfortunately I'm stuck with it.]


Using the Toolbox Configurator, I created all necessary custom properties we need (Material, PartNo, and StockSize).  StockSize and PartNo are not configuration-specific.  We don't give our hardware part numbers.  In our BOMs the PartNo column simply states "HDW" and the StockSize column "N/A."  Our custom manufactured components use those fields.




The Material property is configuration-specific and we have a number of materials to choose from.


I exported the Toolbox data to an Excel spreadsheet, entered all the description information, then imported it back in.

Toolbox Main.JPG

The long line of gentlemen from whom I inherited my position didn't know much about the Toolbox and were known to [frequently] manually enter information in drawing BOM table cells and would edit the Toolbox files directly (e.g. open "hex finished bolt_ai.sldprt") and edit/add properties.  So I opened "hex finished bolt_ai.sldprt," removed all the configurations except "Default," ensured that the only properties on the "Custom" tab were PartNo (HDW) and StockSize (N/A), and saved the file and closed it.


When I open a top-level assembly, it takes a few minutes while the Toolbox regenerates all the missing configurations.  But when I open the drawing BOM, some of the hardware entries for "StockSize" look like the descriptions but the sizes don't even match the parent (e.g. a 5/8-16 X 1 in LG bolt will have "HBOLT, 1/4-20 X 1/2 in LG, 1/2 in LG THD" as StockSize).  I open up "hex finished bolt_ai.sldprt" and some of the configurations now have a StockSize configuration-specific property!  Why???  Where is it pulling this information from?  Is it embedded in the top-level assembly?  And most important: How do I stop the Toolbox from creating this garbage?  If all the information required to generate new hardware configs is in the Toolbox Configuration tool, why is it adding nonsense that isn't there?  Look at the attached images.  The StockSize property does not have a single box checked in "Options" yet it's showing up in some of the configurations as a configuration-specific property.  Why???  Grrrrrr...