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Impact Metrics - what do they really mean ?

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Rick McDonald

One of my posts has the "Impact Metrics"  shown on the right side of the page.

What does this really mean?

There is a line for Global Reach - Is this how many countries people have responded from, or a percentage of the responses that come from outside the authors country, or what?


And the bigger questions are for the Impact and Sentiment:

My post probably has 98% of the responses that feel negative about the subject (dislike what is happening and responding how they dislike it) Yet the Sentiment is "Neutral 0"

The Impact is 73 - what is this?

there are no buttons to hit to select if the peoples response posts are positive or negative or neutral.

There is only a "Like" button on the bottom of each post that a person can click to indicate they like (or agree) with that post. Not if they think the subject is a positive or negative.

My post that this relates to is something that most responses agree that they dislike what this subject (SW subscription policy) is about, Yet if I was to just look at the Metrics, and not read the individual posts I would feel that 50% are in favor of the policy and 50% are not (or don't care).

The reality is about 98% are Not in favor.

How are these numbers set and who sets them?