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Blocks causing drawing file to become corrupt?

Question asked by Chris Mackedanz on Aug 14, 2015
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Is it possible that a Block could cause a drawing file to become corrupt (including the back ups)?


I have a large (10 sheet ~7MB ) drawing that contains no part or assembly drawing view.  Only blocks, lines, and text that make up the drawing.  Some of the blocks, have more blocks in them.  I've had this drawing almost done and was having an another engineer look it over, so I saved it and closed it to work on other tasks.  When I go to re-open it I get an error about the file being corrupt and having to contact customer support (did once already and it looks like it is unrecoverable).  I've had this drawing do this twice to me now.


Is it possible for a block with blocks in it to corrupt a drawing file?


How deep is too deep for nesting blocks?