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Multibody sheetmetal cut list property to *.slddrw Sheet title.

Question asked by Roark Summerford on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by Kevin Chandler



I have been playing with Multibody parts with sheetmetal with a few solid parts here recently...


Anyway, I have a single part file. I have 6 items in the cut list.


In normal parts in an assembly world, I would open each part and go to custom properties and create a "Part name" and "Part number". All of my drawing templates know to populate the title block text boxes with linked values with that information. (If there is a better way to do that please let me know!)  Makes doing lots of parts and large BOM assemblies very easy, especially when the file name is sometimes meaningless... I don't have PDM so changing file names can be a headache.


So in the cut list, I can add custom properties, works great for balloons in exploded part identification and assembly diagrams. It's just that I can't seem to select those custom properties for use in the sheet formats. What am I missing to be able to do that? 


What would be great is... draw a mulitbody part with 1 configuration (I have cheated by using delete body and configurations to make a single part show up on a drawing but what a mess, and sometimes it gets lost and I end up with a folded part on a flat pattern view and other quarks of the like) in which I select a drawing view, select a single body, and boom... that drawing has that bodies cut list properties populating the title block. 


Hopefully that makes sense and thanks for looking!