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Section Properties

Question asked by Fidjis Ijfdijsf on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Fidjis Ijfdijsf

Hello. I'm having trouble with the moments of inertia in the section properties.


I hav this part which is a standard structural steel profile. As you see in the image, Ix and Iy , as the part is symmetrical, is listed in both cases as 10500 (I don't know the unit, but I take it as the correct number since other catalogs list it as 1050 cm4).


structural steel.jpg


Now, when I check the same thing in the section properties, it lists other moments of inertia (I see the "main" ones are defined in a slanted axis system), but none are 10500 or anything of the sort.


section properties.jpg

How do I go about getting the correct Ix and Iy from the section properties? I already tried using other axis system that isnt slanted but I also dont get the correct numbers.

Thanks in advance.