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    how to place materials list in EPDM vault?

    David Heverin

      I am creating some "custom" materials for our drafters to use when creating models.  I want to make this available to ALL EPDM users.  How do I find and then place the source for this materials list in a location in my vault?

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          Jefferson Oliveira

          I do not know if I understand well your doubts, but if you want everyone to have access to a list of standard materials, create a group "All Users" and allowed to see this group BOM.


          Would it be this?




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              David Heverin



              I don't think so.  In SW we specify a material for a part from a standard list of materials provided by SolidWorks. ("edit material" when in a part file).


              I know we can add materials in a custom list associated with the SW standard list.  I have done this and it is no problem.  BUT, can I place this list in a common location such as the EPDM vault so that all users can reference it?  And, can I have all users directed to it by specifying it's location using the system standards?


              Does that make sense?

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              Megan Fannon

              Hi David,


              This would be similar to saving your drawing templates and sheet formats in EPDM, which we do.  You'll save your material database in a folder in EPDM that the appropriate people have permissions for, and then tell SolidWorks to look at that folder location when it looks for material databases.


              Start by setting up your folder location in EPDM and then directing SW to it, as follows: Once you have the location decided, in SolidWorks Options, navigate to System Options -> File Locations and choose "Material Databases" from the dropdown list.  Add your location to the list and then click "OK."


              Then make your new material library, if you haven't already, and save it somewhere in EPDM.  There are good clear instructions in the SW help files for creating a new material library and adding materials to it so I won't repeat that here.  If you already have the library set up, you just have to move it into your EPDM folder location and check it in and make sure it's in a workflow state that with the correct permissions for everyone to see.


              Finally, go to each user computer and set up the File Locations the same way.  You'll probably also have to "Get Latest" on that file location for each user as well so that there will be a local copy of the material database for SW to access.



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                Jefferson Oliveira

                Hello David,

                Now you can better understand what you want. As Megan said above it is possible but is understandable and do it within a vault. What I usually do in my deployments is to create a "ADMINISTRATION" folder and place it inside this folder by separating new folders or not. I think this way is much easier as create a specific workflow and assign permissions as needed. I find it easy and well organized.


                I hope I have contributed ..


                Best Regards.