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    Ben Fisher

      Hi There Gentlemen.

      I am looking for tips and tricks for creating systems . I have been doing it for a while and Im looking for any advice , sortcuts etc


      I design systems for ships as well as the foundations for them.

      I do not use pipe routing yet , I know how it works. Currently I have an extensive library and and I put all necessary elbows , pumps and whatever else is required and once everything is in place I use a 3D sketch and weldments that I have created for the pipe


      Any suggestions in my methods?

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          Jamie Barber

          Hi Ben, Is your question, how would you convert your existing components into routing components for use in the routing addin?


          If so the routing manager provides a wizard to allow you to easily create routing and connecting points to your existing models and add them into the database ready to start your routing.


          In essence what you do now is similar to routing just a manual process. However routing will automate the process and make it easier to make changes to the route and add components. It will allow you to easily route the pipework between your components (and around obstacles), terminate your pipework at standard lengths, create BOMs etc so should speed up your process once you're up to speed with the functionality.


          Hope this is helpful






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              Ben Fisher

              Hi Jamie,


              I am just asking for tips and tricks regarding piping in Solidowrks,

              I currently do not have the routing addin, I do everything manually.

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                  Peter De Vlieger



                  Seeing as that you posted this in "Modeling and Assemblie" instead of the "Routing add-in" sub-section as well as the mention of using weldments for the piping it's clear that you don't use the Routing module of Solidworks.


                  If I didn't have Routing and had to draw piping in SW I would probably use weldments myself.

                  Routing does however make life a whole lot easier when you have to do extensive piping work, especially if it's prone to change in the course of a project. Having said that, it does take awhile to get completely up to speed with it, finding SOP that works for you etc., but once you do it does help a lot especially because of the ease of using fittings.


                  Concerning doing piping with weldments :

                  I would work top-down. Using an ASM to gather all the sub-asm's and parts that you need as a reference (lay of the land so to speak) and then modifying the weldment part (= the pipe) in that ASM. Making seperate parts for seperate pipes (or even for seperate spoolpieces) would also be something I would suggest in doing.

                  In general it takes more effort to work modular but it helps a lot when things go wrong or things have to change. That holds true, for what I'm concerned, no matter if you are doing piping, with or without routing, or anything else you have to design.


                  Have a nice one.


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                      Ben Fisher

                      Hi Peter, Thanks for the advice.

                      I currently do work modular but not to the point where I build library parts for my pipe.

                      Ive got an extensive library of flanges, pumps, elbows ,strainers etc nad when Ive manged to put them where they are required I literally just 3D sketch a pipe from fitting to fitting,Then add weldment profiles I have created , its rather quick!

                      If editing I simply move copy to new locations in the top level ASS > HIde old components > then effectively ,when all my older piping ASS is hidden and my new ASS is visible I drag my NEW ASS in to the old ASS and create 2 configs as to create reference between new and older design.




                      I dont work with configs usually as it slows down my process , I have found faster ways for my application.

                      My model has over 40 000 parts present.

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                      Edwin Thompson

                      When I purchased SW Routing, the setup was rather tedious.  The suggestion from my VAR to take a $600 class.  My schedule did not allow for that, so I battled my way through the process.  When I was done, there were a number of notes and as I put them all together, the result was a tutorial.  The tutorial is available for $49.95 but the first two chapters, which covers the setup can be downloaded for free from: SW Products 


                      Reviewing the setup may be very helpful for you to get a feel for the Routing Add-in.


                      Hope this helps,



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                    Russell Fox

                    You can make weldment profiles of all the flanges. You only need a line to create the flanges. Works only for flat plate flanges, wont work for raised face.