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(3D Partstream.Net>Solidworks>Design table configurations) program not responding issue.

Question asked by Emanuel Calderon on Aug 13, 2015
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Not sure where to ask this question, but will start here.

We have developed VB macros in Excel that are used to drive other programs. One of the other programs is called SolidWorks. We open SolidWorks and send some commands to it from within VB, causing SolidWorks to take some actions.

Lately, while SolidWorks is in the middle of those actions, a message box pops up saying "Server Busy" "This action cannot be completed because the Microsoft Excel program is not responding." There are "Switch to" and "Retry" buttons on the message box. If we manually hit "Retry", the SolidWorks actions continue and things are OK.


The problem is that the VB macros are created so that users do not have to hit any buttons or take any action until everything in SolidWorks is completed. Having to click the Retry button defeats the purpose of the macros.


SolidWorks says the problem is with the OLE in Excel/Windows.



1. Is there a way to modify or improve the OLE to prevent the server being busy? I'm not too clear on what the OLE really is, so this may be a dumb question.

2. Is there a way to have VB check for and signal that the Server Busy message box has popped up so that when it does, we can have VB automatically select Retry and the user will not have to manually select it? The Server Busy box does not always pop up.


Thank you all."


Sorry all, new to this server.


Regarding the thread posted above I am wondering if anyone has come along the issue similar to it and solved it. The program we currently use to drive the design table and talk with Solidowrks is the 3D Partstream.Net Studio, which to my knowledge is a Solidworks package deal. The difference from my problem to the thread above is that when the small dialog box comes up it explains: "because the Solidworks 2015 x 64 edition [Part name].SLDASM program is not responding". Then it gives me the option to "Switch To" or "Retry".


Once either or is selected the program runs through and the configurations to the model are successfully made. Similarly to the thread above, the customer should not be given the dialog box when trying to get the CAD file.


Any help given to the subject is fully appreciated. If I am not being clear i any way please do not hesitate to ask for more information.