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Suggestings on Searching EPDM

Question asked by Greg Thomson on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Greg Thomson

Thoughts Please,


I've created several Search Cards and Column displays using very generic ERP search terms... part number, description, etc.  Unfortunately, searching for a part will yield the part file, the drawing file, the PDF file, along with both its Inventor and Solidworks variations.  I noticed the slight difficulty here when caught trying to insert a SolidWorks part into an Inventor assembly.  I think for our engineers I would rather prefer a highly targeted search that would just yield the parts and assemblies they're after.


I know there are dozens of ways to skin this cat, I was just wondering what others are doing.  I do want to minimize Search Card complexity while also minimizing the number of Search Cards available to a user.


Couple Thoughts

-Create additional Search Cards as needed, and assign based upon User Group.

-Always prefix column displays with 'filename' so there's never any confusion about what the file is.

-Embedded a file type variable into EPDM to differentiate Inventor files from SolidWorks files.

-Use file Categories to differentiate between Inventor and Solidworks files.


Any Suggestions?



EPDM 2014SP4