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    Suggestings on Searching EPDM

    Greg Thomson

      Thoughts Please,


      I've created several Search Cards and Column displays using very generic ERP search terms... part number, description, etc.  Unfortunately, searching for a part will yield the part file, the drawing file, the PDF file, along with both its Inventor and Solidworks variations.  I noticed the slight difficulty here when caught trying to insert a SolidWorks part into an Inventor assembly.  I think for our engineers I would rather prefer a highly targeted search that would just yield the parts and assemblies they're after.


      I know there are dozens of ways to skin this cat, I was just wondering what others are doing.  I do want to minimize Search Card complexity while also minimizing the number of Search Cards available to a user.


      Couple Thoughts

      -Create additional Search Cards as needed, and assign based upon User Group.

      -Always prefix column displays with 'filename' so there's never any confusion about what the file is.

      -Embedded a file type variable into EPDM to differentiate Inventor files from SolidWorks files.

      -Use file Categories to differentiate between Inventor and Solidworks files.


      Any Suggestions?



      EPDM 2014SP4

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Greg, categories is probably a good way to go.


          Another way is to use the file type. See the attached cex file with a search card, you can use a drop down with some text to limit your search by file type.


          Hope it helps



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            Brian McEwen

            Categories are worthless for EPDM searches. Ridiculous, but there is no way to search with them.  But most people don't use Categories for much. 


            ... I looked at Prasad's search card. You probably mean the Correct answer is the Name search with *.sldprt and other extensions you can select.  I did not actually use the card, but I'm assuming it puts in the file extension text and then you must be careful to type the search in front of that. I prefer having a separate field for file extension, use it when you want to restrict the search (or for some groups you could set a default value).  It does take a little more setup - you must create a variable for it (instead of simply using the EPDM "Name" variable.   


            Re: How to search EPDM for both Parts and Assemblies but not Drawings?

            I actually store the whole file path in a variable, and then it can be used to check file extensions or a number of other things. The problem with that is you need to do some other stuff to keep it up to date (I update my version free filepath variable on every state change) - so possibly easier to do as Priel suggests and only keep the file extension.


            Also talk to various users about search approaches.

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                Greg Thomson

                Thanks for the replies.  I discovered after the fact that Categories are useless for EPDM Searches as you say.  And, Prasad's filter on "Name" was exactly what I was looking for.


                I also discovered that if you perform the EPDM Search within an Inventor Open window (i.e. Place Component), it actually automatically filters for the file type selected for the File Open dialog.  I suspect this holds true for Solidworks, and any other File Open dialogs in applications.


                If you take a look at the attached image, you can see how I inserted an EPDM search card into Inventor's File Open Dialog.  Works extremely well!


                Place Component.png