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Solidworks always hang, Benchmark Realview score weak

Question asked by Wen Yan on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Wen Yan

I've a new HP workstation, but SW always hang, and cooling fan speedup run;  it's happen 2-3 times per day. sometime display unusual flash.

Anybody can help me?

After run Performance Benchmark Test , Compare others same model, my hardware config are more stronger, but the score is very weak, see below. I've also asked HP tech. support, Done a lot of software diagnostics, but still can't settle the problem.  I suspect my AMD graphic card working un-stable:

My PC:

HP ZBook 14 G2 Workstation

Win 7 Pro

8G DDR3 Ram

1st 256 GB PCIe
SSD, and
2nd 256 GB SATA SSD

Integrated with Intel HD 5500 Graphics, and 1 GB AMD FirePro™ M4150




Wen Yan