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Clarifications about constraints please

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by J. Mather

Hello, my main assembly is getting complex. I am a bit confused about constraints of a sub-assembly by itself and what happens after it is integrated into another assembly. I seem to get inconsistent results and got things messed up.


Let's consider the following:


Assembly1 (A1) has three components a, b, c

Assembly2 (A2) has five components d, e, f, g, h



In A1, a is connected to b and b is connected to c. a is not connected directly to c.


If I import Assembly1 as sub-assembly to the more complex Assembly2.


1) What happens if I delete the connection between a and b inside Assembly2 and save? Is the connection between a and b supposed to be broken automatically in file Assembly1?


2) What happens if I add a direct connection between a and c inside Assembly2? Will a connection between the two be added automatically in file Assembly1?


3) What happens if inside Assembly2 I highlight Assembly1 and open it. Then, add/delete connections and save. Are these added/deleted connections supposed to be updated automatically in Assembly2?


Thank you.