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SolidWorks Not Making Attribute Text the Right Color in AutoCAD

Question asked by Greg Welch on Aug 12, 2015

I'm having a problem with translating a SolidWorks drawing to AutoCAD.  I have created a template from a customer's AutoCAD template, which contains a title block with attributes.  The colors are difficult to look at, so I have changed the colors in SolidWorks, but need to export them with the colors from the customer's drawing.  I created a map file, and everything works, except for the color of the attribute text.  It goes to the right layer, but instead of being colored "by layer", like everything else in the title block, the text just becomes white.  Is there any way to make the attribute text get its color from its layer?  If it means anything to anyone, the attribute text is on a different layer in than the rest of the title block in which it is embedded.