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    Probe Crashes solidworks

    Dmitry Zamoshnikov

      I haven't been able to use "Probe" or "List Selected" in simulation ever since we've upgraded to 2k13.  Has anyone had this happen?  Any way to fix it?

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          Janko Stellaard

          I believe this is a known problem:




          Why does SolidWorks crash when attempting to right mouse button click on a result in Simulation and choose Probe to bring up the Probe Result Property Manager?


          The Probe result Property Manager uses either vsflex8n.ocx or vsflex8l.ocx (depending on the version of Simulation). If the required file is not registered (or if it is an older version), then the Probe Result Property may fail to appear and become unstable.


          Please follow the steps to resolve the issue.

          1) Turn off UAC (User Account Control) if enabled

          2) Reboot the computer

          3) Check to see if either file exists in "c:\windows\system32" - note the name and version of the file and ideally compare it to another computer which does not have the problem to make sure it is the same

          4) If the version is different, try renaming the existing file (to vsflex8n-old.ocx for example) and copy and paste a version from a working computer then see if the issue is resolved

          5) If the issue persists, in the command prompt, type regsvr32 "c:\windows\system32\vsflex8l.ocx" or "c:\windows\system32\vsflex8n.ocx" to register the file