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"Merge Result" missing from Thicken surface

Question asked by Mike Price on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Mike Price

Hi all,


I have a part that I'm working on from a colleague.  There are thickened surfaces, but when I go to modify the feature, the "Merge Result" is missing from the thicken command.  I tried offsetting another surface on the same part and thickening it, but again, "Merge Result" is not in the command dialog.


So I restarted SW thinking it was a glitch.  However, same thing.  Also, I did create a basic part and tried the same thing on that.  "Merge Result" is available to me on the other part.


If I create a boss in the part I'm having problems with, the "Merge Result" option is there.....


Any thoughts?