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Trouble running Frequency with iterative solver

Question asked by David Maxham on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Brandon Donnelly

Recently, I've been having problems getting Frequency to run when I want to specify an upper bound, say 500 Hz, instead of a fixed number of frequencies. I'm using Solidworks Premium for sine-on-random vibration.  I've been running this type of analysis for years, but never had this problem before.  I know that I need the iterative solver, and I've tried everything for explicitly specifying the iterative solver, but I always get this error:


Calculation of frequencies up to an upper bound is only available with the Iterative Solver.


I've also tried deleting all the results files, but still the same problem. I see that Go Engineer at has listed situations where the iterative solver will be turned off and the direct solver used instead, but those conditions don't apply to me.  I'm wondering if there's a bug since I've been running these types of simulations for years now and this error seems to have happened after the install to 2015...


Thanks for any help.