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    Lock View Focus vs. Lock View Position

    Raymond Diangelo

      If I have an assembly that has just enough mates to leave moving parts flexible but I want a drawing view to remain in a certain position, regardless of whether I move parts around within the assembly itself, would I choose 'Lock View Focus' or 'Lock View Position'. I'm a little unclear on exactly what the difference is between the two.


      After answering the question, if you could explain the difference between the two, that would great as well.



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          Stephen Abbott

          Lock view focus and position only lock the view to the sheet and not the position of the moving component/s.


          You could create a 2nd configuration of the position you would like the view but then revert back to the initial configuration giving you the ability to move the assembly as well

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I would like to second Stephen's suggestion to use configurations.  I would also like to suggest that you go ahead and use mates, even if it's lock mates, to fully define the position of the configuration you want to show in this drawing view.  That would lessen the chances of accidentally moving the parts later and unintentionally changing the drawing view.

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              John Stoltzfus

              In addition to what Stephen & Glenn mentioned - Lock View Focus allows you to sketch within that view, something I use once in awhile depending if I want to add an additional line for dimensions etc... Just for a test lock the view focus and draw a line across one of the views and you will see the view box grow if you go beyond the part view...

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                  Dave Smith

                  Hello John,


                  I came across to your post, while looking for an answer which is related to this post.


                  In Solidworks Drafting Tools Exam - There was a question to create a Horizontal Dimension Between Line (Already Drawn) and Edge of An Assembly  Front View and change the dimension , which should result in Changing the Line Length. How can we do that. Any Ideas?

                  I am not sure I can upload the drawing due to "Solidworks Terms of Exam"

                  Please note - I can dimension the edge to the line, by Locking view focus, but the dimension becomes the driven dimension, so I can not change the dimension hence Line Length can not be changed. There must be something I am missing.


                  Also I can draw a line at border and Make FIX relation and than dimension to the Line (Already Drawn), that way I can increase the Line Length.( I know it is very confusing to explain without uploading the drawing, but if somebody goes through the exam will understand what I mean)



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                  Raymond Diangelo

                  Thank you very much gentlemen. That information is exactly what I needed.