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On the verge of upgrading from SW2013-SP5 to 2015-SP4.....

Question asked by Philip Lane on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by TJ McDermott does anyone have any recommendations for a clean and painless file upgrade to our EPDM vault....please?

Having run a test upgrade and selecting 'create new version' and 'do a Rebuild...' etc, we were left with 'high-hundreds' of files requiring manual updates, and thousands of upgrade fails due to 'File not referenced by latest version of parent' error.

I had to intervene about 100 times to stop the application due to it hanging....annoying to see first thing in the morning, having wasted several overnights-worth upgrading time.

Why do so many files just fail to upgrade, leaving a manual upgrade necessary with no more information forthcoming?

This is my first Solidworks file upgrade. We do have VAR support, but you can't beat user experiences and solutions.

Thank you.

Phil Lane