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Can I set - Material <not specified> values?

Question asked by Dan Bertschi on Aug 12, 2015

Greetings All,

     I can set our templates to start with (basically) 0.0 mass with no cross hatching.  The purpose is that if the weight reported on the component drawing is 0.0 and there is no cross hatching, then the material has not been assigned to the model.  It's a reminder to assign the correct material.  I have this working, except that if a material is assigned, then removed, SW reverts the 'Material <not specified>' value to .0361273 mass with ANSI31 (Iron Brick Stone) cross hatching.

     I have browsed the registry with no luck, trying to find the default not specified material properties.

     Does anyone know how to set this to a specified value?  I'm using 0.0000001 in my templates, and would like this to return when someone removes the material.

Thanks in advance!


Update - I did find the Crosshatch folder in the registry, and I didn't think about the default density being in metric units (1g/cm3, I think...). Will check again...