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Gathering Interest for a Virtual User Group for Simulation

Question asked by Brandon Donnelly on Aug 11, 2015

I'm looking to start a Virtual User Group for SolidWorks Simulation. The idea is that it would be held during lunch hours (12pm-1pm Chicago Time) and would make use of online collaboration tools.


What I want to do is facilitate discussions relating to best practices, effective meshing, accurate results, solver settings and more. It would most likely be a short educational presentation (10-15 minutes) to kick off each session followed by a roundtable style discussion of what was covered.


I would be hoping to have this every month. I understand that being an FEA user is a lonely position as some people are the only ones at the companies and would like people to bounce ideas off of.


If you are interested in joining this type of event, email me at with a subject of "Virtual Simulation Group" and Body of "I'm in." I'll add your email to a list and you will be notified as launch approaches for this.