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    Uneven displacement

    Brian Stranyak

      Any idea why I would have uneven displacement on a symmetrical part, in a two part assembly? The blue portion is a separate part. As I refine the mesh it becomes more red (same scale). Just wondering. The stress seems to be more even albeit blotchy. Thanks in advance


      uneven displacement.JPG

      uneven displacement stress.JPG

        • Re: Uneven displacement
          Brandon Donnelly

          Most likely from your mesh being entirely too coarse. You probably have a situation where you aren't really representing a circle well because there aren't enough elements. Your stress results being blotchy indicate that as well. Put in a much finer mesh and rerun it and see what happens. If you choose a value that is the diameter/some integer for the mesh size, you are much more likely to get a mesh that is symmetrical. Also, use the curvature based mesher if you used the standard mesher.