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Question asked by Rico van Niekerk on Aug 11, 2015

Hi there


I have recently been tasked to create a parts sales manual of our products. After much research and forum browsing

and have completed the pdf version by means of .eps files and adobe acrobat , this all worked very well. But having done all the work

and seeing that this could "easily" become an online catalog I followed all the advise off you tube and from this forums but I am still

facing one dilemma. For some reason I am having trouble with getting the interactive content to work on whatever web browser.


following the steps laid out in I managed to get an example working perfectly well,

having said that, this was achieved using 2013 composer. Following the same steps, except files were created using 2015 composer

I receive the following error message stating " showPaper is undefined"?


Can anybody shed some light as to why?