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    Equations and Design Table not Syncing

    Jesse Mayes

      I have an assembly with four different configuations.  I have a global variable for the overall height of the project, and equation that should drive the height that looks something like "HEIGHT-24.15".  I also have a design table that my boss would like to drive the height with.  I'm having two problems:


      1) The design table is not driving the Height properly.  I change the Height in the design table and it will not change the model.  If I change the Height in the equations it works just fine though.


      2) My global variable for Height will not stay the same between all my configuations.  If I put in 30" for my Height in one configuation, I need to chage it for all my configuations.  I'd like it to stay the same value for each configuration.


      See attached images for further reference.  Any suggestions would help.  Thanks!

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          Ben Fulton

          Hi Jesse,


          I can see you have hyperlinks in the field descriptions in your design table. Select the cell, right click and remove hyperlink.


          See if that changes anything.



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              Daen Hendrickson

              I am using SW2014 SP5.


              I am seeing similar behavior. I developed a new part with global variables. I set up a design table to drive those variables. All the Ctrl-Q rebuilds in the world will not update the global variables when configurations are switched.


              The first auto-created table had cell data such as '=1920'Pixels which is Excel's formatting for convert to text regardless of cell formatting and "Pixels" is the global variable comment. When I would copy/paste this line to the next and modify, I would get errors from SW and the new configuration would not be created. I stripped all the extra info and JUST entered the numbers. I converted all the cells to TEXT format at the suggestion of another related post. I eventually got SW to accept the extra lines and create the additional configurations. However, the global variables will NOT update.


              I placed this part into an assembly multiple times and have different configurations for some of the instances. Regardless of configuration, ALL instances are the same configuration. I have monkeyed with the part file and gotten the different configurations to update, but in the assembly, all the parts change together to whatever is the current configuration in the part file. They will not update to the configuration they are set to.


              I have used design tables a multitude of times without issue. I am comfortable with them. However, this is the first attempt at driving a global variable. This functionality definitely seems to be broken or unstable / unpredictable at best. I am probably going to have to abandon this and break each configuration out into its own part file. That is a big disappointment. But I am up against a deadline and have now spent 1-1/2 days on what should have been a 10 minute non-issue.


              Has anyone else worked through this and determined a work-around?