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Equations and Design Table not Syncing

Question asked by Jesse Mayes on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Daen Hendrickson

I have an assembly with four different configuations.  I have a global variable for the overall height of the project, and equation that should drive the height that looks something like "HEIGHT-24.15".  I also have a design table that my boss would like to drive the height with.  I'm having two problems:


1) The design table is not driving the Height properly.  I change the Height in the design table and it will not change the model.  If I change the Height in the equations it works just fine though.


2) My global variable for Height will not stay the same between all my configuations.  If I put in 30" for my Height in one configuation, I need to chage it for all my configuations.  I'd like it to stay the same value for each configuration.


See attached images for further reference.  Any suggestions would help.  Thanks!