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Exporting PDFs from Workgroup PDM with Description Custom Property

Question asked by Michael Wade on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Matt Martens

Hello API Masters,


I have this wonderful macro by Steve Takata (built on Stephen Burke's original macro) that exports all the PDFs from the Workgroup PDM vault.  I'm referring to the PDFs that are created upon drawing check-in, not PDFs that are attached manually.  I was hoping someone could show me how to append the related drawing's custom property, "Description," to the PDF file when it's copied out of the vault.


Example: Currently the macro appends the revision to the end of the PDF filename like so: "111824 - REV 1.pdf"

I'm hoping it's possible to export the PDFs like this: "111824 - SHRINK-FIT COUPLING - REV 1.pdf"


The "Steve's" macro is attached for reference.


Thank you for any and all help!