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Deleting old users from vault

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Steven Dod

According to my VAR, deleting users from the vault is not recommended as it could leave "gaps" in the database, so I can understand this (I'm a developer myself), but can anyone tell me if this really the case?  What happens when you get a large number of people who have left a firm?  I know you can make their accounts inactive (refuse login) but what about hiding them from Lists of Users?


Is there a way to modify the default listo f users that the PDM uses in Cards, etc, so that it will only show people who are allowed to log in (based on the flag set in their permissions from the admin tool)?  Or can I just delete them outright without issue? (I'm concerned with the future, and what effect this could have on the database).