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    Where is this tag pointing to?

    Greg Raymond

      Hello. I am curious as to where this tag in the calloutoformat.txt points to, <hw-descrp>. And also is it possible to modify it?


      Someone asked this before and got an answer but I don't complete understand where it is at,


      There is a variable in the calloutformat.txt, <hw-descrp>. Does anyone know where that tag is pointing to? | LinkedIn

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          Kevin Chandler



          It describes what the hole is, specific to the selected fastener type and size.

          It's a combination of the selected hole type (thru, tap, slot, etc) with the selected screw type and size (see attached).

          Basically it reflects the Feature Tree text without the instance number.


          The only use I see for using this tag is for shops that would rather specify the hole as a process instead of explicit sizes for each tool/op.


          I hope this helps explain this for you.





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              Greg Raymond

              That kind of helps. I understand it gets the information from the hole wizard, toolbox, or the database. I just want to find where it is exactly where the <hw-descrp> points to. The holecalloutformat.txt seems like it's pretty straight forward. And then how can it be changed?


              And if that can't be done. Then how can I add a customized hole, like PF Dowel? Not a C'Bore, tap, or any of what's already made. I don't see any Dowels in the ANSI IN. I get that it is just a counter bored hole, but I don't want it to be called out as a C'Bore.


              I'm using SW2013 by the way. The hole wizard is a little different, aesthetic wise at least.

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                  Scott Harvey

                  Are you trying to make new holes with new dimensions or use the same hole sizes from the Counter Bored Holes and have it call out PF Dowel in the drawing?


                  Cause there are dowel holes in the hole wizard hole, at least my 2013 but they use drill bits to counter bore and not a true counter bore.


                  Just need a little clarification.






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                      Greg Raymond

                      I guess a Dowel was a bad example (but I don't have dowels). I would like to create my own hole under C'Bore (or somewhere else) and name it what I want. I get how you can copy template in the Toolbox and put your own dimension, it's the naming it what I want part that I have the most trouble with.

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                          Scott Harvey

                          Sorry, been busy for awhile.  The txt file is basic coding and you can find it and alter what you like.


                          txt file: calloutformat

                          I changed this:


                          ANSI INCH

                          COUNTERBORE HOLE

                          BLIND HOLE


                          The <> are for internal codes.  I don't think you can make your own codes but you can manually type in your own text.


                          Is this what your talking about?


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                    Dan Frey

                    Hi Greg,


                    I just spent a ton of time looking at this kind of thing. My company is trying to add our own metric dowel holes to the Hole Wizard. Someone at my company a long time ago had managed to create custom inch dowel holes (press fit and slip fit), and now we wanted to do the same with metric. The problem was, I couldn't figure out how they did it. It was like the "JACKSCREW" hole type shown in your very last post on this other thread:Renaming description in design tree  . It clearly wasn't derived from any of the existing standards. I did hours of research online including reading through tons of these forums and everything and everyone basically said it was impossible to create custom hole types. But clearly it wasn't, because the evidence was staring at me. I was going nuts.


                    So after some even more in-depth research, I finally figured it out. The place referred to in the LinkedIn discussion you linked to in your OP is the SWBrowser file. It used to be SWBrowser.mdb but if you have SW2015 they changed the file format and it's now SWBrowser.sldedb. The only way (as far as I can tell) to create custom hole types and modify the description that appears in <hw-descrp> is to edit this database. It's located in your Toolbox folder\lang\English (find your toolbox folder location from System Options -> Hole Wizard/Toolbox)


                    The short story is that editing the value of <hw-descrp> is fairly straightforward. Adding a new hole type is a little more difficult and takes some careful work. SW does not endorse the editing of the SWbrowser file (except through the toolbox settings) so that's potentially why there is so little information available about it online. I'm surprised that so few other people have worked with it and shared their experience though.


                    I see this post is over a month old but if you are still interested in editing the SWBrowser file, let me know and I can go into more detail.


                    I have run into a snag though, which is that I can't seem to figure out how to create the hole callouts in calloutformat.txt for the custom holes. I have tried adding a custom standard as seen in a few videos and forum posts you're probably familiar with, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. And I'm not sure how to specify the new hole ID (i.e. the left side of the equals sign in calloutformat.txt) for the custom hole. For the dowel holes I'm working on, it seems to default to the ANSI inch - plain holes so I've just been editing that. But I'd like to figure out how to make a specific callout for the custom standard.