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    Remove Enterprise PDM Addin using API

    Francis Harvey



      I'm trying to use the API to install my addin automatically,


      2015 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Install Add-in Example (VB.NET)


      AddinMgr.AddAddIns(fileList, EdmAddAddInFlags.EdmAddin_AddAllFilesToOneAddIn Or EdmAddAddInFlags.EdmAddin_ReplaceDuplicates, Nothing)


      if the addin is already there, I assume EdmAddAddInFlags.EdmAddin_ReplaceDuplicates will overwrite it,


      But how can I remove my addin?

      There is no Remove method, only the AddinMgr.RemoveDebugAddIn...



      Francis Harvey

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          Francis Harvey

          It seems the method always fails when using EdmAddAddInFlags.EdmAddin_ReplaceDuplicates,


          Removing the flag give me an exception when the addin is already there.

          If I delete the addin using pdm administration, it is re-added without issue.


          What else should I try?



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            Francis Harvey

            I got an answer from support,


            The EdmAddAddInFlags.EdmAddin_ReplaceDuplicates functionality is broken,

            and the RemoveAddin method doesn't exist yet.


            Here's 2 SPR about the issue:

            SPR 907044 – Need API for adding files to installed add-ins and removing or replacing files that are already part of an installed add-in (IEdmAddInMgrX)

            SPR 830144 – Need API for removing files from an add-in or remove an add-in entirely



            Daniel Seaman from support has confirmed that the only workaround is to remove the addin with PDM Administration.

            His answer about the timeframe:

            I can’t really give you an indication of when these issues are likely to be resolved. They would be most likely be resolved as part of a major release though and that would be SW2017 at the very earliest.


            I hope it will be resolved before 2017...


            Thanks a lot for your help

            Francis Harvey