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Sketch-driven patterns - creating extra part?

Question asked by Michael Plummer on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Edmund Butch Lively

I'm pretty new to Solidworks, but have a decent amount of experience with other software, so solid modeling's not new to me. I'm having an issue with sketch-driven patterns. Say I'm trying to place several bolts in a flat plate. What I've been doing is:

1) Place one bolt manually

2) Create a sketch on plate surface with a point at the center of each hole

3) In sketch-driven pattern, select the sketch, select a point near the first bolt (with "selected point") and then select the bolt.


The problem with this is that it duplicates the first bolt, placing one inside the manually-positioned one. Using "Instances to skip" doesn't work, as I can't select the same instance as the selected point in step 3. Any way to fix this? Thanks.