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New Computer Recomendation

Question asked by Travis Martinich on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by Daniel Schleicher

When it comes to computers, their components, and how they interact with Solidworks, I am not overly savvy. Looking for a little help from the professionals.


I have been given a budget by employer to purchase a new workstation. I do work with most Office programs, but the primary function of this computer will be Solidworks (2015 SP04 and newer versions as they are released).


I do basic modeling and drawings for tooling and replacement parts, but have been working more with the R&D team lately on project design with moderately sized assemblies (200-1000 parts). Renderings and motion studies have been a huge help pushing new ideas through upper management, and as we work more with the animations, we see the value in having a computer that can handle these tasks efficiently.


I made the mistake of jumping on my first offer without doing my homework in full, and ended up with this mobile workstation:

HP ZBook 17 G2 Mobile Workstation - 17.3" - Core i7 4810MQ - Windows 7 Pro - K4K44UT#ABA - Notebook Computers -


I have been working with this computer for the last two weeks, and though I notice the difference from my old workstation, it just doesn't seem all there. After researching more in-depth on the aspects of a computer that make a difference for the kind of work I do, I stumbled across this desktop workstation:

HP Workstation Z230 - Xeon E3-1271V3 3.6 GHz - 16 GB - 1.256 TB - F1M18UT#ABA - Workstations -


I realize that with the second option I lose the mobility of a laptop, but I am not beyond packing up a tower and taking it home for a weekend to work on a project. I would also have my old laptop available for small parts and assemblies, which it handles fine.


Would the added benefits of the desktop make that much of a difference? And though subjective, in your opinion, would the added benefits be worth losing the mobility of the ZBook? The budget I am working with is $2500-3000, and I am limited to the CDW website by my employer. If you're bored and feel like navigating the CDW website, feel free to make any recommendations on a workstation I did not mention.


Thanks in advance!