Gerald Davis

August 28 - Colorado SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Discussion created by Gerald Davis on Aug 6, 2007
Normally we hold our meetings on the first Thursday following the first Monday of months evenly divisible by two.

However, this August we are delighted to have the SWUGN Tech Summit in town so we decided to combine our meeting with that. Register for the Denver SWUGN Tech Summit

This year, Rob Rodriguez will lead an entire session on PhotoWorks. Rob has been one of the best end-users of PhotoWorks for many years. If you've ever found PW frustrating or mysterious, chat with Rob for a few and you'll find that he offers practical and understandable tips on mastering the tool.

Wayne Tiffany is coming to town loaded with a ton of sheet metal tips & tricks. He has made presentations at SoldWorks Worlds, leads the Kansas City User SolidWorks User group, and is a major force in the SWUGN network. Be prepared to connect to a "fire hose" of information from Wayne!

Kevin Van Liere has been working on his custom add-in for SolidWorks (now an official member of the SW Partner team) and is very sharp on macro programming. If you'd like to reduce the amount of redundant work that you do, a few macros might be just the trick! He is one of the best technical presenters I've met. Kevin will also lead a session on Drawings. Again, his emphasis will be on improving your efficiency in the dreaded "drafting" process.

Kurtis Anliker has an entertaining style of presenting the seriously powerful features of Cosmos. FEA requires understanding of how the analysis is performed as well as what the results mean. Kurtis will show you how easy it is to use the tools quickly and effectively to optimize your design. You'll walk away with a clear plan for making the most of your Cosmos resource.

Richard Doyle has made a career out of being enthusiastic about helping people do more with SolidWorks. He is sincere, excited, and tremendously knowledgeable. His presentations are polished and entertaining. I learn something every time I listen to him. He will be covering both eDrawings and Weldments. You certainly should be using eDrawings (if not this session with Richard will reveal why it is such a renowned tool) but you may not be aware of how useful weldments can be for a wide variety of structures - they don't have to be welded. "Weldments" is just another tool in your SolidWorks arsenal.

I have 2 sessions prepared - one on Animator and another on the Design Library and its friends. I've used Animator since 98 to add sizzle and pop to my presentations to my clients (I'm an independent design contractor). I plan on showing you how to bring your mechanisms to life so people can visualize your brilliant design solution in action.

See you there!