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Adding a configuration in a component, after already inserting a component ?

Question asked by Pet Peever on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by Alin Vargatu

In My_assembly, I insert a component Mycomponent, having 1 configuration when I insert it. I add a 2nd Mycomponent, having then 2 configurations. I insert it with config 2. the problem is that Mycomponent <1> remains with one config. I can change its config, with the feature of the Feature Manager but the configuration panel of Mycomponent <1> stays with one config. The pictures included into the component aren't correctly suppressed. I have to open Mycomponent <1>, in position in the assembly (not as file), and I have to suppress all the misfitting pictures by hand....with 10 components and 10 configurations, that makes 10+9+8 .... so 55 suppressions by hand to do, if I inserted 10 Mycomponents, modifying Mycomponent after each insertion !!! Perhaps I missed somthing, to correctly update a component, after adding a configuration ?


Tx for your help.