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Display aspect ratio Circle displays as oval

Question asked by Dave Bailie on Aug 8, 2015


I'm a new user, I had two 20" monitors with 16/9 aspect ratio. Circles where round.

I replaced one of the monitors with a 23" monitor of same ratio.

Now if a sketch a circle it displays as an oval (circle stretched horizontally)

This is what I have tried

Resolution was at 1280 x1024 I changed the resolution on the video card to 1920 x 1080 which did give better detail and is a 16/9 ratio but didn't fix problem

If I change my monitor settings (on the monitor itself) to display 4:3 ratio the circles display as circles but I lose about 25% of the usable screen width on both sides.

I spent the last hour looking for a setting in SW to adjust the work space to the right ratio but no joy.

I hope its a simple setting I just haven't found