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How does EPDM know to show a conversion task as "Failed" in the Task List window?

Question asked by Tom Helsley on Aug 6, 2015

Here is the situation:


I have a conversion task with a customized VB script that I use in a standard conversion task at certain points in my workflow to create parasolid files from user designated configurations of SolidWorks part models.  The users designate which configurations to convert by setting a custom property called "Alternate Config" = "0".  My custom code in the conversion script filters out all configurations that have the custom property set to "1".  By default all configurations of part files that are new to the vault have the "Alternate Config" property set to "1".  In many cases, that will always be the case and no parasolid files will be created for any of the configurations of a given model.  That is fine, but in those cases, I don't want a the conversion task to appear as "Failed" in the Task List, and I don't want a log file generated. 


I can prevent the log file from being generated by commenting out the call to the function that generates the log file, but I cannot figure out how to prevent the task in the task list from appearing as "Failed".  I want it to show as "OK" instead.  I only want true conversion failures to appear as failed, generate log files, and notify users.  This has nothing to do with my custom code.  As far as I'm concerned, having no configurations to convert because none were designated is okay and shouldn't be considered a "Failed" task.  The task ran and did exactly what it was supposed to do: look for any configurations designated for conversion and convert them, otherwise don't do anything and close the task. 


Is there something in the VB script, or is it hard coded into the conversion task addin that tells EPDM whether to list a task as "OK" or "Failed"?  What can I do to make tasks that don't convert anything, by following my rules, appear as "OK" in the Task List?