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I find a Bug in weldment cutlist, same body shows different and incorrect length when patterned

Question asked by Charlie Fan on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by Mark Greenwell



As shown above, three posts on the right is patterned version of the left one.


The post is consisted of a cylindrical weldment structural member, and a block as pin top, which is extruded right on top of the post body.


We want the total length of the post, including the pin top, to be displayed as cutlist length automatically.


The result is interesting, the one on the very left worked just as we expected, however the ones on the right, which is patterned body, shows a wrong length. How can this be? it is exact pattern of the body, how can they have different length in Cutlist?


I also attached the part file so please kindly take a look and suggest some solution. This bug occurs in the 2015 sp4 as well.