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Slow while Mating Componants

Question asked by Gary Johnson on Aug 3, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2007 by Kevin Beitel

If logged into PDM and mating components Solidworks becomes veryslow.  With the mate dialog window open when the mousehighlights a feature on a solid the mouse turns to the hour glassand hangs for 30-60 seconds.   It appears the computer istrying to find the file in the PDM and it takes for ever.  Iget the same performance with "Show Selections in ProjectManger"selected or not selected.   When I logoff PDM and matecomponent performance increases at least 10 times.  Ifcreating more than 1or 2 mates I logoff PDM create the mates andlog back on.  Has anybody else had this issue?  We areusing a dedicated server for the vault, the vault size is less than10GB.  The Indexing Service is running on the server. Any help would be appreciated.