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What's wrong with my custom hole?

Question asked by Mike Helsinger on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by Mike Helsinger

I want to add custom holes to my own standard and I'm having trouble with countersinks.  I'm not interested in creating custom hardware, only the holes for some rivets.  I'm on SW 2015 Standard.  Here's what I have accomplished:


  • Created a copy of ANSI Inch where I am making all my modifications
  • Disabled all standards, feature types, & feature instances I'm not interested in browsing through when I use the Hole Wizard.
  • Checked the + to add each instance of my straight holes & completed necessary entries
    • Tested the results & I'm satisfied with the straight holes.
  • Created my custom countersink sizes in the Flat Head Screw (100) submenu as shown below.  I fudged some numbers I am not concerned over, using reasonable values just to fill in everything (as is required).


  • Entered screw clearances to satisfy that requirement, I'm not concerned with how the holes fit so I used a single value across all.
  • This gives me a preview that looks okay in preview but doesn't give me the correct feature.  I explore the error in the sketch and I see this:

    and when I move the Ø.225 dimension leader it changes to Ø.179


I complete the feature and the MS20426AD3 is dimensioned like the ...AD4 size, & if I switch it to the ...AD4, it keeps the same dimensions but the countersink acts as the TRHU hole.

This just got real buggy on me.  Can someone with some more knowledge about the hole wizard / toolbox lend a hand?