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Copy EPDM variables before opnening a file in Solidworks

Question asked by valdas adamkus on Aug 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Ales Svoboda


after spending a lot of hours searching for solution, I tend to believe it is impossible to achieve this without programming. The problem is this: the values of datacard variables in EPDM are not automatically copied into the Custom Properties of the Solidworks file. The "roots" of this question comes from here:

set variable at "Check out" using Dispatch

This means, that once a user forgets to go "Modify>Update>File attributes from database" in EPDM vault interface, he builds a drawing with an incorrect version number, leading to further problems.


So, I would like to ask some advice on how to copy all of EPDM variables in the data card, or those which are "marked for explorer", or similarly, into the Custom properties of the file just before opening the file in Solidworks?