john dow

Information about parts in a workgroup

Discussion created by john dow on Aug 3, 2007
Hi all, I work for a small company with a small budget. Right nowwe are currently evaluating solidworks.  Unfortunately wedon't have the budget for pdmworks right now.  I assume thatpdmworks for workgroups keeps better track of your solidworks filesaccross a workgroup.

I downloaded the solidworks explorer and that seems really cool. However if someone could help me with a simple question.

I have right now a MySQL dbase with all of my part informationalready in it.  Stock size, customer names, finishes, partnumbers and allot of other info pertaining to a single part. I have this database for many other programs and webconnections where I work.

Some of this data I would like to be displayed on the blueprint. Is there a way to make a MySQL connection in solidworks, andput in MySQL queries so that I can pull the data from my dbase andshow it in a blueprint? Perhaps a plug-in or a macro?