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Patterning features on freeform curvature surface

Question asked by Mike Price on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by Mike Price

Hi all,


The recent discussion about pattern a feature along a curve (Re: creating a sketch driven pattern on 3d sketch ) led me to post this.


Like I described in the post above, ProE allows me to create a curve, then create a pattern of points/datums/features on those datums, which then allows a pattern based upon a percentage of the distance of the curve.


However, because I can pattern planes and points, I can also pattern curves on geometry that intersects the patterned planes.


So let's say I have a strange surface and I want to pattern a bunch of circular sweeps.  I have a pattern of planes which intersects the surface, where each surface intersection of the plane gets me a curve (intersection curve capability in Solidworks).  Then I can create a datum plane on the end of this intersection curve and then create a swept boss or cut.  This is the feature I want to pattern, but each intersection curve will change with each plane.  In ProE, I can group:


The plane used for creating the intersection curve

The intersection curve itself

The plane at the end of the intersection curve, perpendicular to the curve

The swept boss and sketch which is on the plane at the end of the intersection curve


Assuming the plane used for creating the intersection curve is dimensionally driven, I can then pattern my group across the surface of the part, having each new instance geometrically constrained to the surface for which I have patterned across.  So the pattern is creating a new parametrically driven plane, intersection curve, plane at the end of the intersection curve, and swept boss about the new intersection curve.  Of course I can pattern as many features as I want to............


I hope this is pretty straightforward and would really love it if I could do something similar in SW.  I have attached the model and manually created two features.   You'll see I just created swept bosses, then extended their faces, then performed a combine to get my cuts.....


Thanks in advance.


8-7-2015 10-31-14 AM.jpg