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Does it make sense to use custom properties to edit a model?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by Chris Mackedanz

Hi All- I am new to custom properties and the Property Tab Builder.


Does it make sense to use custom properties to edit a model? I have seen lots of Q&A related to custom properties that edit or include information from a model into a drawing, but none using them to change/edit/update a model. I want to know if I can use custom properties to change a model... I mean, I know I can do this as I have already, but does it make sense to do that or is overreaching the function of the CP tab?


At my company we have many parts and related drawings that are "similar, but different" and in the simplest example only vary in length, width, and thickness. If all I want to do is create custom properties for LENGTH, WIDTH, and THICKNESS, and have those changed using the CP when I need to create a new model/drawing ... is that the best way to do it? See attached images.


My thought is that if I have a complex model, instead of hunting through it to find the correct features and dimensions that I need to alter, I can click on the CP tab and just plug in some numbers. The complex model would have to be created(or edited) to include CP's, but if we made that standard operating procedure it could be a great boon; saving time and catastrophe when I inadvertently alter the wrong dimension or feature as I am doing now.


Thanks in advance for the feedback and advice.