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why does solidworks delete files?

Question asked by Matt Schirch on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by Matt Schirch

how come when i save a model as something different, work on it, load a separate model of the same thing and EVERYTHING IS changed.

why doesn't solidworks have support?  why in gods name if i suppress a model in one assembly is it suppressed for ALL yeah that is exactly what i wanted.  how come when i delete something in a sub assembly does it delete it permanently, EVEN after i SAY NO DO NOT SAVE DO NOT SAVE DO NOT SAVE. i love how i work a week on something then in a matter of 30 seconds solidoworks deletes it because it didn't understand why i would want 2 separate models of the same thing..... so i can have an original and have a modified version but no it thinks they are the same model and deletes anything i deleted in anyother. no undo no help no going back to a recovery. i really just wana say ******************************* solidworks.