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    eDrawings 2015 and Visual Studio

    Lyle Chubb

      We have recently upgraded to SolidWorks 2015 and eDrawings 2015, but now eDrawings will not open files in the Visual Studio application we have been using for the past few years.  Our current development environment is Visual Studio 2008, but I've seen indications that eDrawings 2015 requires at least Visual Studio 2010?  Do we also need to upgrade our version of VS to accommodate the new eDrawings file?

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          Jeremy Schmidt

          I'm also having issues with the eDrawings host control in 2015.  Has anyone successfully used this yet?  I'm using VS 2012.  I get the attached message when attempting to add the eDrawingControl to the form.  I didn't have this issue with any prior versions of eDrawings.

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              Lyle Chubb

              Hi Jeremy, here is the process I finally figured out to get eDrawings up and running under VS 2008 (should work under VS 2012).  You need to be logged into the development computer as an administrator.


              1.  If eDrawings is already installed on your development computer, go into Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the old version.

              2.  Download and install the new version of eDrawings, should come out as eDrawings2015SE.

              3.  If it is not already located there, move the entire eDrawings2015SE folder to C:\Program Files\Common Files.

              4.  Under the System32 folder, make sure all three of these files are present:  ATL100.DLL, MSVCP100.DLL, MSVCR100.DLL.  If you don't have them, do a quick Google search and you can download them.

              5.  Open a command prompt and type in regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Common Files\eDrawings2015SE\EModelView.dll"  BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUOTES AROUND THE FILE LOCATION.


              Once this is done, you should be able to go into your Visual Studio, open your project, and add the eDrawings control to your toolbox.  Also, go into your application's Property pages and add a reference to the EModelView.DLL file.  Save your project, and you should then be able to add an EModelViewer  to your forms.